For me this was the trip of a lifetime. Since I was working on improving my fitness by hiking and then being rewarded by music in the evening it seemed like a good choice.  It was more than I could have ever imagined.  The Scottish countryside was so extraordinarily beautiful it is was just amazing.  I enjoyed the fact that we were outside among the lovely hills, flowers, waterfalls, etc.  By hiking we had the time to get up close and personal with this amazing land.  –Andrea M., Jacksonville FL

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     This was our 2nd trip with Ed Pearlman and C-N-Do Scotland, and we cannot say enough good things. These are small groups, curated to show the best of Scotland scenery, music and food.

– Mary Ann Lynch and Gregg Ginn, Cape Elizabeth ME

     The Walking and Music tour of the Scottish Highlands was the trip of a lifetime.   Ed has many connections with musicians and other resources and took us to places not normally open to the public.  He also arranged for known musicians to entertain us in intimate settings, and I felt they enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed hearing them.  We had music sessions on our own with Ed, with locals, and with the musicians who were entertaining us.  Dorothy Breckenridge, the owner of C-n-Do Scotland, was our van driver, guide, and source of unlimited information about the history, geology, plants, etc. of each area we visited.  She took great care to make sure all of our needs and wishes were met.  The locations of our walks were varied and each provided a memorable experience.  The accommodations were comfortable and the food was delicious and plentiful.  The entire tour was done in a relaxed atmosphere but our days were full.  Because of Ed and Dorothy's easy-going personalities, I feel anyone who likes discovering out-of-the way places and hearing great music would enjoy what they offer. -- Emily B, Tallahassee FL

     The planning was flawless, and I was impressed with how attentive and flexible Ed and Dorothy were to even small details to make it a special experience for each of us. There was a nice mix of cities, countryside, history, style of accommodations, places to eat, and activities--and Dorothy listened with such care to pick up individual preferences. Special diet and food preferences, nice whiskeys and gin to try, lovely side tours, walks, botanical observations, wildlife, geologic history, wonderful old churches and cemeteries, and the music was something I never imagined experiencing.  What a rare experience it was to meet each musical guest personally and hear and see the players in the places where the tunes began hundreds of years ago. The language and expressions were very interesting.  I especially enjoyed the small group and how we could sometimes go separate ways based on certain interests rather than being limited with a large tour.  All the places we stayed were wonderful.  I'm so glad I took my fiddle, we got to play with some fun sessions.  – MD, fiddler, Tallahassee FL

     There could not have been a more perfect way to fulfill, at the age of 72, the lifelong dream of going to Scotland than the two tours I took this past July, day-hiking and listening to terrific local musicians in the evenings.  Ed and Dorothy (our hiking guide and fountain of historical and botanical information) do an incredible job of providing unforgettable musical experiences, charming accomodations and terrific food, and magical hikes to the small group of fortunate participants in a touring experience that bears no resemblance to the large bus tours.  I have long been an admirer of Niel Gow's legacy and have played many of his tunes, so being part of the small, select audience listening to Ed play Gow's fiddle in the library of Blair Castle (during the "Niel Gow tour" of the highlands and Skye)  was an amazing connection to the past.  The tour of the Western Hebrides, walking among standing stones and other ancient stone structures and hearing Gaelic everywhere, was full of surprises.  In Stornoway I heard two little guys of ten or eleven years conversing in Gaelic, a sign that the dear language is still vital.  These tours are ideal for people who, like me, love to play or listen to traditional Scottish music and who want to experience the beauty of the world's most beautiful country walking. – Ernie Brock, Tallahassee FL

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     The tour far exceeded our expectations!  It was everything and more than the description of the tour had been.  Ed never failed to amaze us with the exceptionally talented Scottish music artists he invited to spend an evening with us.  I was so thankful for Dorothy's vast knowledge about Scotland and knowing all the roads we needed to take. Dorothy always chose fabulous hotels and b and b's for us to stay and wonderful restaurants for dinner.  She was a wealth of knowledge in a low key fashion, always calm and patient.  --Gail Kuhl, Hanover NH

     The places we visited, the places we stayed, the food, the many beautiful walks through the glens and mountains were all special -- but the music, the musicians and singers put the experience over the top.  The private concerts were world class.  --Greg Ginn, Cape Elizabeth ME

     I loved hearing traditional music played in the places it originated, meeting the musicians and hearing their stories. Getting some of the music ahead of the trip, to listen to and play, helped me before I went and after I got back. I liked hiking to historically important musician's homes, practice spots, castles and pubs that they played or are playing in.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!   --Kathy Cartwright, Waldoboro, Maine

     The trip with Ed and Dorothy to the Orkney and Shetland Islands was amazing. From a wealth of musical artists talking to and performing for our small group and larger format concerts to green scenery, walks with views of cliffs, ocean, soaring birds and pastoral sheep grazing.  The experience was exceptional way beyond my expectations.  --Nancy and John, New Mexico

     The outer Hebrides trip was one of the top two foreign vacations we have ever taken! If someone really wants to know the Outer Hebrides, its geography, its natural history, its tradition of singing, Gaelic poetry, or just about anything else, taking a trip with CNDO Scotland with Dorothy and Ed is the way to go! --Les McFadden, New Mexico