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This site was created by Ed Pearlman, who for twenty years has written the music column for the quarterly American magazine, Scottish Life (our site is not affiliated in any way with the magazine).  Since 1979, Ed has played, taught, written about, and made available the music of Scotland.  As founder/director of the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club 1981-1999, he presented many events including fifteen annual “Scottish Fiddle Rally” concerts featuring soloists from Scotland and Cape Breton (Greentrax CD154); distributed most of the recordings of Scotland and Atlantic Canada to stores throughout the U.S. 1991-2002; judged many Scottish fiddle competitions including six U.S. National Championships; and coleads summer music/hiking tours to Scotland.  He is working on shaping some 80 music columns written for Scottish Life into a book of vignettes covering all aspects of Scottish music.  His wife, highland dancer Laura Scott, and their family, are all musicians and dancers.

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