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Musicians (bios as of 1987)
Ed Pearlman has been a musician since he was five; since 1980 he has focused on Scottish music almost exclusively, playing for Scottish country dances, Highland dancers, at festivals and coffeehouses, and on radio and television, mostly with Beth Robinson on piano. He has directed the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club since its founding in 1981, leading monthly meetings and organizing concerts/workshops with great Scottish and Cape Breton fiddlers. For the RSCDS, Ed directed Scottish music at Pinewoods for 3 summers, creating a collection of dance music for the Boston Branch modeled after his own Paddledoo Collection. He is a teacher and a competition judge, and appears irretrievably hooked on the melding of dance and music that makes up the art of Scottish fiddling.
Beth Robinson has always been involved in music–as a pianist, a music teacher in middle school, a choral singer and accompanist, and a key participant in family rounds sung on long car trips. Beth began playing Scottish music in 1981. Since then she has dedicated herself to regular performances, primarily with Ed Pearlman, at dances and concerts throughout the New England and New York areas. She is a teacher of Scottish country dancing and helped run the Boston Branch RSCDS during four years as secretary. At Pinewoods, she was a coordinator of the first English­Scottish session. In addition, Beth plays for contra dances, and wrote two musicals with Ed Pearlman for eighth graders. In a few short months Beth Robinson will become, through marriage, Beth Murray.
Ruthie Dornfeld is one of the finest folk fiddlers in Boston; she has performed Scottish music with Ed and Beth since 1983. Ruthie is in demand as a contra dance fiddler, and has learned a variety of fiddling styles while living and touring in the U.S. and Europe. She has recorded a solo cassette and one with the eclectic band, the Poodles, and is also a member of the bluegrass band, Boston City Limits. She was a ballerina when she was 12.
Gary McGrath has played Scottish drum in pipe bands for over 20 years; he is currently drum sergeant with the Greater Boston Pipe Band. For several years he has also performed with Ed and Beth for Scottish country dances, bringing to these dances a highly skilled form of drum playing not well known outside the world of pipe bands.
Barbara Russell is a dancer and a teacher of Scottish country dancing. She has played bass regularly with Ed and Beth since 1983 and took to the harp avidly after a generous gift of a Clark harp by New York fiddler and instrument collector Jim Mcintyre, in 1984. Barbara studies harp with Kathleen Guilday.
Douglas Scott learned piano as a child and for many years also enjoyed playing Scottish drum in a pipe band with Gary McGrath. In 1984 he received a hammer dulcimer as a wedding present from his bride, Alison: and since then has combined his skills as a pianist and a            
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Ebba Andersen
Elizabeth Bell
Martha Bell
Vivien A. Benning
Norma & Mike Briggs
Nick & Cary Browse
Ralph Bucknam
Gillian Charters
Sally Dee & the Salem RSCDS Class
Ellen & Joe Dietrich
David Emerson
Minette & Dick Fischer
Jay Flynn
Judy Hamilton
Marcy & Andy Hamilton
Jane & Jim Hartmann
Flo & Dave Hearn
Richard Heineke
Bill Hickman
John Hodgkin
Phil La Follette & Mary Ellen Geer
Margaret Lepley
Ruth Levitsky
Barbara C. Little
Jennifer Logan
Jim & Kay MacCabe
Theo MacGregor
Storme Maynard
Jeanetta McColl
Jim Mcintyre
Jeanne Morrill
Lois New & the Albany RSCDS Class
Michael & Holly Panter
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Pearlman
Martin Pearlman & Jean Rife
Phil & Vivien Reed
Judy Reynolds & Roger Shaw
Lance Ramshaw
Nancy Rawson
Marcia & Don Rising
Alison Robb
Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Eveline Robinson
Brenda Robson
Kate Schell
Douglas E Schneider
Bob Schecter
Bob & Julie Smith
Duncan Smith
Eleanore Smith
Peter Tandy
Thistles & Things
Edmund Thompson
Jim Ventola
Lang Wales
Maurice Whitby
Susan Worland
This recording was made possible through the generous support of dancers and other friends who have enjoyed our music. Bob Schecter coordinated this fundraising, without which the project could not have begun. Many thanks to those who showed their interest and support by subscribing in advance to the record, and to the New Eng/and Folk Festival Association and the loan fund remaining from the former New Caledonians, for their loans.
. We would like to particularly thank those who contributed funds beyond their subscription:
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