Distance Learning

Make a recording of your playing, and email or mail it to me along with any questions you may have–I’ll review it and send you recorded and/or written suggestions by mail or email to help you.


Free introductory online lesson via Skype or Sightspeed.


Transcriptions and Recordings

Is there a great tune on one of your CDs that seems too hard to learn?  Or a tune you know the title of but don’t know how to find music or a recording of it?  Ask about having a written transcription of the tune, or a recording at a moderate pace, phrase by phrase, so that you can learn the tune.


You can even request that a tunelearning page be made for your tune.  This would result in a page with sheet music marked out in phrases, and a virtual mp3 player with matching recordings of the phrases, plus a recording of the full tune to play along with once you learn the phrases.


Play in tune, and in all keys

The Finger Finder is a slide rule that allows you to look up keys or key signatures and find the fingering for the violin.  Cards are available for first, second and third position, and for viola.  You can also use it to learn scales and arpeggios, patterns which are found throughout fiddle tunes.


For a photo and description, and to order a Finger Finder, see the entry in the store.

Click to contact me if you’d like to discuss any of these ideas