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HST (Neil, Lilly, Ed) CD is out – available now at paddledoo.com

Try Ed’s fiddle-online.com for articles, classes, technique & tunelearning videos.  

Check out Ed’s Bandcamp page for free streaming and paid downloads.

All in-person events are on hold.  The following events are online – join us!

Ongoing – Ed hosts online workshops, classes, and guest concert/workshops, including online concerts with some of Scotland’s best musicians – more info at fiddle-online.com

Also info at the fiddle-online Facebook page, where videos of the concerts are still available!

Sun Nov 1 at 2-6pm EST, Ed leads online Boston Scottish Fiddle Club workshops, see www.bsfc.org

Sun Nov 15 starting at 2pm EST, Ed participates in online fundraiser for Canadian-American Club, Watertown MA