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Laura Scott with Alasdair Fraser

* Improv dance to Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (dance starts at 2:20)

* Way Out to Hope Street (with Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance Band)

* Donostia (with Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance Band)





Highland Soles

* Da Day Dawn and Jig

* Tribute to Jerry Holland (with David Surette & Susie Burke)

* Highland Soles Demo 2005


Laura Scott & Ed Pearlman

* Sailor’s Hornpipe (Laura with Ed, and Mark Murray)

* Bonnie at Morn (Laura with Ed, and Tony Cuffe)

* Traditional Sword Dance (Laura with Ed, and Tony Cuffe)

* Tail Toddle (Laura with Tony Cuffe and Ed Pearlman)

* Ha’ Ca’ Thru (Laura with Tony Cuffe and Ed Pearlman)

* Sandy’s New Chanter (Ed Pearlman and Tony Cuffe; Laura at 2:20)

Ed Pearlman

* Ed plays Niel Gow’s Fiddle at Blair Castle

* Ed plays and discusses six Scottish tunes

* With Tony Cuffe -- Scottish minuet, pipe march, reel

* With Tony Cuffe – Stan Chapman's jig and Atholl Highlanders

* With Natalie MacMaster

Neil Pearlman

* Neil Pearlman Band plays Sailor’s Wife

* Neil Pearlman Band performs Alison House

* With Lilly Pearlman and Jav Ramos





Ed Pearlman & Neil Pearlman

* Strathspeys & Reels from house concert, Feb 2012 tour

* Pipe Reel and fiddle reels, Feb 2012 (standing ovation!)

* Laura’s Slow Reel/two other reels, Feb 2012

* With Neil and dancer Anna Massey at concert for Jerry Holland