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A Tune from

Alasdair Fraser

with Natalie Haas, Muriel Johnstone

A major force behind the resurgence of traditional Scottish fiddling in his homeland and the U.S., inspiring legions of listeners and learners through his recordings, annual fiddle camps, and concerts.

Tune from A MAN’S A MAN, by Robert Burns

I believe the myth of the "American dream" and the Scottish myth as expressed in Robert Burns’ poem and song “A Man’s a Man for a’ That” share the same root. In using the word myth here, I refer not to something untrue, but to the powerful original meaning of myth as used to describe the...


Alasdair’s comments about this selection:

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mansaman-lyrics.pdf Alasdair Burns statement.pdf

From the CD “Tunes from the Life and Land of Robert Burns” by Alasdair Fraser (fiddle), Muriel Johnstone (piano), Natalie Haas (cello)