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Two Songs from

Cilla Fisher

With Michael Marra, Artie Trezise

Well-respected folksinger, best known for her children’s music as The Singing Kettle, with Artie Trezise.  Her sister Ray and brother Archie also great singers.

JOHN ANDERSON, MY JO, by Robert Burns

Hurray, Love Songs.  Indeed like love itself, it ebbs & flows with time.  John Anderson stands as strong today as ever. To narrate how you are feeling publicly shows a great strength of love, and how wonderful to have a love song where you are named and hundreds of woman/men sing it for you with thoughts of their own love in mind.

OFF THE ISLE OF MAY, by Matt Armour

I sang that as it was a location I could see everyday.  It’s about the depletion of the fishing industry in Fife.  After the song was written, they closed the grounds for conservation.  I'm happy to tell that some 30 years later, they are now working the fishing grounds again.

Cilla’s comments about this selection:

Cilla’s comments about this selection:

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View the lyrics