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Two Songs by

Eric Bogle

With John Munro

Australian singer and songwriter originally from Peebles, Scotland, with 14 albums and decades of worldwide tours, perhaps most famous for his song “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”.

FORK IN THE ROAD, by Eric Bogle

I chose “ Fork In The Road” firstly because it has a tenuous link to the great Bard himself (i.e. It’s loosely based on “Auld Land Syne” and I stole a couple of Burns’ lines from the song!) and secondly, it’s a song about two old friends who, through choice or circumstance, have reached a stage in their journey where their paths diverge, but because of the length and strength of their relationship their friendship will endure, though both may walk different paths for a while. The parallels are obvious…

Eric’s comments about this selection:

“Fork in the Road” and “Heartland” are on the CD Voices, Sept 2016

Greentrax Recordings

HEARTLAND, by Eric Bogle

As to “Heartland”, it’s about the eternal yearning of the human heart to keep striving to find place where peace, and justice, and compassion, and equality prevail. No better destination beckons to us. We may lose sight of that destination every now and then, but that shouldn’t stop us searching for it…and that’s why the song is called ”Heartland" and not “Hateland"...

Eric’s comments about this selection:

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