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Affirming the Scottish humanitarian values that helped make America great

Explore, and you will find here songs and music to entertain, uplift, and inform.  Enjoy!

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Robert Burns (25 January 1759 - 21 July 1796), Scotland’s national bard, came to prominence just as the Founding Fathers of the United States were drafting a Constitution.  Burns’s passion for life, love, liberty, justice, nature (what we now call “the environment”) and honest expression, sometimes got him into trouble with authorities in the church, the government and the elites of British society.

An English officer once challenged him to a duel (fortunately it never took place!) because…



Alan Reid

Hamish Moore

Eric Bogle

Sarah-Jane Summers

          & Juhani Silvola

Cilla Fisher

Karine Polwart

Mairi Campbell

          & David Francis

Alasdair Fraser

Tony McManus

Neil Pearlman

Tony Cuffe

Jean Redpath


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President John F. Kennedy, 1963:

“When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations.

 When power narrows the areas of man's concern, poetry reminds him of

                                                       the richness and diversity of his existence.

 When power corrupts, poetry cleanses,

for art establishes the basic human truths which must serve

     as the touchstones of our judgment.

A Man's a Man (instrumental)

A Man's a Man (sung)

Afton Water

Fork in the Road


Hey Ca’ Thro’

John Anderson, My Jo

Mighty Wall

Now Westlin Winds

Off the Isle of May

Scots Wha Hae

Silver Spring Reel

Slave's Lament

Some Wad Say

To a Mouse

Ye Banks and Braes



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